UfoRIA: about the past, here in the present, looking towards the future

In 2002, 'UfoRIA' UiTM Perak was born as the national UiTM system began to reposition itself to become a university that not only excelled in teaching and learning but also in consultancy, research and publication activities - the yardsticks of global academia. It was planned that UfoRIA would become a local 'Centre of Excellence' with a global outlook (excerpt from 'Penubuhan dan Perancangan Strategik UfoRIA, 2002'):

"UfoRIA adalah cetusan perkataan Inggeris ‘euphoria’ yang bermakna rasa kegembiraan yang teramat. Makna ini boleh dikaitkan dengan apa yang dirasai oleh ahli akademik dan penyelidik yang aktif dalam proses pencarian, pembangunan dan perkembangan ilmu pengetahuan. Aktiviti UfoRIA merangkumi:"

1. Kerjasama penyelidikan dan pembangunan ilmu dengan semua pihak merentas disiplin/topik;

2. Penganjuran kolokium, seminar, persidangan peringkat universiti, negeri dan kebangsaan;

3. Penerbitan artikel akademik dan kertas penyelidikan pelbagai disiplin akademik;

4. Program jalinan komuniti dan pembangunan profesional berterusan.

Now in 2009, UfoRIA is embracing the challenges of the new millennium as it continues to expand beyond the borders of UiTM Seri Iskandar, in the 'silver' state of Perak, Malaysia - by widening the support base of UfoRIA with the kind assistance of local and regional academics, researchers and expert professionals.

The future looks bright as we continue to plan and act as one to raise the 'academicability' of institutional and associate members of UfoRIA through research, publication and educational outreach programs in Malaysia and the South East Asian region.

Continue browsing through this site and check out our current and future activities. We're always looking for new associates so that we can work together to achieve our common goals. Email the administrator below, who will ensure that all enquiries are entertained promptly, or just email your comments to Professor Radzi Mustafa the Chief Executive of UfoRIA for the July 2009 to June 2011 term.