UfoRIA: EduExtension special interest group

UfoRIA EduExtension s.i.g. occupies a special place in the research and knowledge dissemination cycle. This s.i.g. is the front line in our efforts to share what we know with the community and others around us.

EduExtension works closely with educational institutions, non-government organisations and community groups at all levels and in a diverse manner to ensure that knowledge is put to good use rather than just being shelved in dusty university libraries.

In the past, EduExtension has travelled far and wide around Malaysia to share what we know with school children, teenagers, officers in government ministries and private firms, and the general public. Some of these knowledge sharing projects were even done on a not-for-profit basis as our community service.

Some UfoRIA EduExtension consultancy projects have also taken members of UfoRIA beyond the borders of Malaysia to neighbouring countries in the South East Asian region. These projects range from regional research collaboration to expertise sharing in areas like language and communication, new media and online presence, and other areas within the social sciences and humanities.

For the future, EduExtension will become even more active as it promotes learning and the acculturation of knowledge within the local community. These community based projects will be extensively documented and preserved as academic resources for future researchers and policymakers who would like to know more about specific groups of people within the community.

For the July 2009 to June 2011 term, the Senior Executive of UfoRIA EduExtension s.i.g. is Zarlina Mohd Zamari. Please email Madam Zarlina if you'd like to work with us for the good of the general community.