UfoRIA: Imprints special interest group

The UfoRIA Imprints s.i.g. is a recently rebranded arm of UfoRIA that focuses mainly of publication activities and maintaining the quality of UfoRIA related publications.

In the past, this s.i.g. managed 'Episteme: The Academic & Professional Journal of UiTM Perak, Malaysia'. From a local academic journal, UfoRIA worked hard to upgrade the status of Episteme to a national peer reviewed journal with a distinguished panel of expert peer reviewers from within UiTM and beyond. After several volumes of the journal, the publication of 'Episteme UiTM Perak' was finally suspended in 2008.

This was to make way for two journals, 'Episteme: South East Asian Journal of Communication, Learning and Thinking' and 'Logos: South East Asian Journal of Culture, Development and Management'. The two journals are managed by UfoRIA using the state-of-the-art Open Journal System (OJS) developed by an international consortium of institutions, such as Stanford University and Simon Fraser University.

UfoRIA's success in adopting the OJS for local use was acknolwedged by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education during the official journal launch in July 2009. The adoption of the OJS also marked a two years transition period for UfoRIA as it enters the international publication scene.

Apart from managing the publication of Episteme SEA and Logos SEA on the international scene, Imprints is also involved in the ongoing publication of the 'Research Knowledge and Intellect Application' series of occasional papers in Malay and English.

For the July 2009 to June 2011 term, the Senior Executive of UfoRIA Imprints s.i.g. is Leong Ying Heng. Please email Madam Leong if you want to try to publish your work in any of our current and upcoming publications.