UfoRIA: Kontemporari special interest group

This s.i.g. has been successfully managing the state level 'Kontemporari Negeri Perak' seminar series plus executing the first ever National 'Kontemporari' Conference (UfoRIA 2009) in July 2009.

Seminar Kontemporari Negeri Perak is held twice yearly with an open invitation to the academic community in UiTM and beyond, in particular for young lecturers and researchers who are keen to hone their academic ability and to have their first 'initiation' as young and upcoming academics and intellectuals.

So far, the 'Kontemporari' state level seminar series and the one-off national conference have managed to court presenters not only from within the nationwide UiTM system, but also lecturers and researchers from other organisations.

The growing list of 'Kontemporari' alumni include presenters and participants from the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, Sultan Idris Education University, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Kolej PolyTech MARA, Kolej Hillcity Perak, Kolej Damansara Utama, Institut Teknologi Perak, Perak Heritage Society, Federation of Malaysian Consumers' Associations, and more!

From year 2010 onwards, UfoRIA Kontemporari plans to publish all review articles and empirical papers presented in its state level seminars online, as electronic proceedings with e-ISSN and ISSN indexing. Hopefully, this initiative will bring in even more presenters for the 'Kontemporari' seminar series thus ensuring the success and relevence of this s.i.g. for years to come.

For the July 2009 to June 2011 term, the Senior Executive of UfoRIA Kontemporari s.i.g. is Indrani A S Pillay. Please email Madam Indrani if you'd like to present a paper in the next Kontemporari seminar series.